100 people


I haven't acknowledged this on the blog yet, so I figured that I should. I hit 100 followers on Newgrounds like a week or two ago. I know that still isn't a lot, but the number 100 is too appealing for my weak mind to ignore. It's been really nice to feel welcome in that community. Seeing my pico model on the front page banner was cool. At this point, I don't mind if my work never receives attention again because I already feel fulfilled on that front. I haven't been super active on Newgrounds recently, but I'll get back to it whenever I'm not busy.

Now about my laptop, it seems actually functional. I still haven't tested the hdmi port, but everything else works. I've even managed to add the "back to top" button completely from this laptop.

This post is now the the second of two consecutive blog updates. Let's see if I can start a new streak.


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