All the Newgrounds love


Man I'm really happy my stuff is doing well on Newgrounds. My newest animation got first place in the second round. Summer Animation Jams. I got seventh on the previous round, so I'm currently second place in total. I don't think I'll score well on the next one, but depending on the themes of the future rounds, I have a shot at keeping top ten.

Also my previous animation got frontpaged seemingly out of nowhere. That means that so far, I've gotton two art posts featured and two videos featured. I guess Newgrounds staff think I fit in. I mostly have BrandyBuizel to thank for my bit of success. He's championed my work quite a bit and I will never forget that.

I've now got a total of 59 fans on Newgrounds, making it my largest following on the internet. I hope that they enjoy my more orginal stuff when it comes out.


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