Almost been a month


My last post was almost a month ago, so I guess I should explain why.

First, I've been focusing mostly on school stuff. I like to write the blog posts at the end of the day, and lately I've been busy later in the day. Second, I had exchanged the free time I had to work on the website for time to learn JavaScript. Third, I really wanted my next post to be about a specific cool thing I made, but I haven't been able to take good pictures of it.

The good news is that I worked a little bit on the website again. Using the JavaScript that I learned, I created a secret experimental mode for the website. If you enable it right now, it replaces the background to one that's a little more lively. There are still issues with it, so I don't want it on by default. My solution was to save a preference as a cookie. That's right, if you are reading this, your device has already been tainted by my cookie without your permission. Your welcome.

To access the secret settings, just press the 's' key on any of the pages. Experimental mode is the only setting you can change right now, but there will probably be more in the future. In fact, it might become a real settings page instead of being a secret one.

That's all for today. Move along and enjoy your cookie.


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