Another personal one


I actually have gone back to work on my artwork from December so I'm happy about that. I still have no idea when that will be done but I hope people like it when I post it.

So recently I watched the Disney show Loki. It was really good actually. The only other new mcu show I've seen is Wandavision and they have both raised my expectations for the rest of the new stuff. I'm gonna talk about spoilers now so just stop reading this post if you care. The show deals with the concept of branching timelines. One event can occur in different ways, creating alternate strings future events. What I find creative about this show's interpretation is that they introduce an organization responsible for destroying all timelines but one, which they call the sacred timeline. They eliminate variants, the name given to people who break free of the sacred events. Now why have I explained all of this?

I feel like a variant. I know how stupid that sounds but let me break it down. First, I don't actually believe branching timelines are a real thing, they are just a fun idea. What I mean by my statement is that recently, I've been feeling like I've made some kind of future altering decision, but I can't pin point a specific decision. I just feel like something is off. Maybe not bad necessarily, but definitely sad in some way. It's only a strange made up feeling though. Everything in my life is fine and the future is something we can't control easily. If this whole thing makes me sound unwell or insane, that is not the case. I find it fun to explore funky thoughts and I thought this feeling would be an interesting one to describe.

If you read that whole thing, take a moment to question if it was worth it. Maybe you weren't supposed to read that, and you've now broken free from the sacred timeline. Goodbye for now, variant friend.


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