Becoming less evil


Yesterday morning, I made a blog post where I claimed that this website saves cookies to all visitors without any consent. Well I'm happy to announce that as of last night, this is no longer the case. A cookie will only be created if you enable experimental mode in the settings. Disabling it will also delete the cookie. So yeah, I guess I'm less evil now.

Today I've been working on a tool to help me create more blog posts, and I'm using it right now to write this one. It's basically just an html page with text boxes that I can write in. It then wraps everything in the correct html tags and copies the result to clipboard. When I'm done writing this post, all I have to do is paste the generated html into the blog page.

It's been a fun tool to work on, but it still lacks some features I'd like. At the moment, I can click a button to add a new paragraph, but I can't delete a paragraph. I also can't add images. Working on this tool and the cookie system is helping get a better hold of JavaScript. Hopefully my skill can improve to the point that I can make something more interesting.

Ok I hope this thing works right now because if it fails, I'm not re-writing this whole post.


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