Bike is fixed


My bike has actually been fixed for a while now, but I never got around to writing an update to that story. I'm only bringing this up because I mentioned my bike being broken before, so I guess I'm trying to provide a sort of resolution.

I'd say it was worth the cost to fix it because Its still a good bike for the most part. It even feels a bit better now. It still has issues with changing gears, but that's an unrelated problem that's sort of always been there. Its finicky but it works if I tweak it every once in a while. I don't really need the highest gear anyway. I'm excited to take it out again for adventures. And by adventures I mean ride it to the park and vibe out on a bench.

By the way this reminds me of a weird argument I make sometimes about the bicycle being the best symbol of freedom, so stay tuned for whenever I decide to explain that on here.


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