Broke the thing


Uhhh so last week I mentioned the idea for a scroll text news bar thingy, and I ended up adding it in like a day or two. Turns out it was broken so I removed it and made it available by turning on experimental mode. Apparently this broke even more things so yay. Its all contained in experimental though, so it really shouldn't be an issue.

Now onto less interesting topics. Anyone who reads this has likely noticed by now that the blog posts are becoming pretty infrequent. In fact, we are pretty much down to one post a week. This isn't intentional, it just means I'm busy.

Streams have been going well enough. My schedule does take a hit by continuing to consistently stream, but I'm hoping that it is someday justified. The vod channel that I announced last time is now up. Go there if you want to watch horrible streams, including a ton of freaky old stuff that will probably go private at some point. I don't think much of it is worth watching yet, but the streams will continue to get better so who knows.

One more stupid update. Search ranking has tanked and I have no idea why as always. I might do something about it. Oh wait actually lemme go back to the broken news bar thing. I'm probably not going to fix it for a while. It's actually going to be really hard to fix and I have a new idea for the main page. I'm thinking of making it so you can scroll down and see an about section. Not sure about this yet, but that might be what I work on next for the website. The about section might help to stabilize the ranking again.

I think that's it for now. I shall be back with more news of nothing next week.


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