Christmas 2021


I've been mostly silent despite school being out (wooooo) but thats because Christmas stuff has taken up my time. After tomorrow I will pretty much be a free man.

So, let's do a dang blog post. First topic: I'm writing this on my phone? Now that my blog writing tool is hosted online, I can just use my phone to write a post and paste it into the site later. Pretty neat.

In terms of what I've managed to do recently, I've gotten work done on a few things. I worked on the icon for my art page and I worked on some achievement icons for a friend of mine. I live streamed my progress on these so that was fun. Even did another stream soon after that as well. I'm not sure if the frequency of streams will remain this high but thats the plan.

Oh yeah and Christmas was fun too. Got to do more social stuff now that plenty of people at least have the vaccine. I got some snow pants that I needed and regular pants that were not as needed. Got sunglasses, gloves, pj's, and a new pair of vans. I'm happy with this stuff. The gloves might be the most exciting thing to me. I have a small glove collection with gloves of different uses. The new ones are sort of fingerless sport gloves. I'll probably use them for skating in the summer. Oh I also got some dark chocolate peanut butter cup thingys and they're super good. I guess I'll end this segment by saying merry Christmas to you, the reader. There is a very small chance that you actually read this on the day I post it but whatever.

This coming week im probably gonna make more blog posts. Not sure what about, but there will be more. Probably just spam really. Hopefully I stream often and get the priority projects done. I might even begin working on other stuff before I finish because I'm more motivated about those things.

Well that about does it for today. Or tonight. Tonight sounds cooler. I should say that more often. Thank you for reading this garbage. You have no reason to other than the occasional project teasers. Hmmmmm... I wonder what I'll tease next...


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