Completed stuff


I've returned from time warping. I completed my collab entry a day earlier than planned, so that's nice to have out of the way. It was cool to work on that project overall, but it was unfortunately caught in the middle of me being fairly busy. After that I knocked out my animation jam round 4 entry with more time left over than expected. Not by much though. I'm basically just free for this afternoon because I start school tomorrow. Still nice to feel free for moment though.

Alright other updates. My battle with search rankings seems to be over. This website finally shows up on page one if you look up flare145. The only results that show up above it are my other accounts, which is perfect. I have no idea why it was tanking so hard after I initially started to improve the website. It legit went down to the 6th page of results at one point. Really weird.

Might stream soon if school doesn't get in the way. I've wanted to get back to it so hopefully that happens.


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