Cool relic


Today I was cleaning my room and I found a comic I drew more than 2 years ago. This was for my first actual art class, which was a fun experience considering that I never thought my drawings would leave the margins of my notes.

A man places an apple on top of his friends head, preparing to shoot an arrow at the apple. After a loud splat, we see the archer seated at a dining table with someone else. 'Hey where's your friend?' 'Well umm...' He arrives and anounces, I made some apple pie.'
Photo of the comic, drawn on an 18x12" paper sheet.

Part of what makes this interesting is that I drew it before starting my now cancelled webcomic. The webcomic was heavily story based, but it was going to have occasional light hearted spin off issues resembling this comic. Its also cool in that I had rarely drawn anything at this scale. Before this, I litterally only doodled on notes and index cards. I'll definitely post some of those eventually.

Now for actual news, work on my newest animation is going according to plan. It's nothing super special, but its nice to be working on collabs. Lot of cool folk out there.


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