Dangerous object


I teased this story at the end of the last post. I meant to post this last week but life. Here is my funny bomb story. For legal reasons, bomb is hyperbole.

So my brother had this unusable laptop that he repurposed as a home server. Its main purpose was to host a Minecraft server but it also ran a bot that I would use to auto play music on my live streams. This laptop found its glorious new purpose as the Server Boi. But that was two years ago.

Two weeks ago, my brother had become tired of the loud sound it made. He had put the laptop in a cardboard box and hid it behind a desk in order to keep it out of the way. He wanted to do something about the loud sound so he unplugged it. He opened the box and found that the laptop had grown in thickness. The battery had been inflating.

Anyone familiar with this stuff should know that this is not a good thing. Actually even everyone unfamiliar should assume that as well. The dang battery can explode. Not like a cool big explosion but you know, that... scary sort of pop thing. So yeah. He got it properly disposed of now. That's the story of how I slept next to a bomb. Well, there was an entire wall in between me and the battery but still.

Most of this post was written a week ago, so this is bit will be a short acknowledgement of the present day. It is valentines day ha ha haha haHa HaHaHa HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I am okay.

I gotta get back to the grind now. The world needs to get its butt kicked and I don't see anyone else rising up to the occasion.


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