Game awards 2021


Game awards happened and it was okay. It Takes Two won and that's entirely fair. In terms of world premieres, I think the Sonic game was the most interesting thing for me personally. Every time a new Sonic game is revealed it looks cool, but it always ends up being kinda meh. I was really hoping to see the Breath of The Wild sequel but it didn't show up. Maybe January Nintendo Direct will have it. I can't think of anything else to mention and if I remember something later, I won't bother to share my thoughts.

Website updates. I'm now hosting my blog writing tool on the website because its more convenient for me. It's quicker than running the python http server every time. I've also made some changes to the art page. Clicking on a picture is supposed to link you to a separate page with more information about it, but I've now removed that functionality. This is just because it's not quite ready. I haven't input all of the info on the pictures yet and I likely won't for a good while. With this change, I'm fully prepared to link it to the main page. I really just need to finish the icon for it.

Quick life check-in, I'm doing fine. I've got finals next week and after that I'm set.

Now for actual creative things. I've worked a bit more on that artwork I mentioned in the last blog post. I would post a screenshot of it so far but I actually can't right now. I'm writing this on the laptop but my actual pc is currently frozen pretty bad. I was working on a thing in blender and I did a stupid. I can force close blender but I didn't save my work and I don't want to lose it, so I'm sort of waiting it out. So yeah, maybe I'll show a screenshot next time but definitely not today. I've also done a bit more concept development on the big project and I'm very happy with it so far. Something I'll have to do for this next project is create a definitive blank boi rig. I'm going to spend a long time making sure it's good, so I'll be happy to show it off when that is complete.

That's all for today. I'm gonna try to get my computer working again. I'd like to be actually working on something right now. Ok bye


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