Idk what happening anymore


I got finals coming up and its a bit stressful. I'm good at distracting myself to calm myself down but I'm not sure that's what I should be doing right now.

So what have I been up to creatively? Unfortunately not much. Recently I've just been doodling during some classes so I guess that's nice. I've been occasionally working on a new artwork that sort of goes along with my series I put out this year. It's the same sort of 2d drawing + 3d environment thing that I've experimented a lot with. I'm not sure when I'll get done with it. I think I streamed myself working on it for a bit so that was fun. Maybe I'll stream more during the break. I'm hoping that during the winter break I can make something, but I might just want to actually take a real break for once. It would be nice to get a real break from everything but I'm not sure that I'm capable of that anymore.

Okay website stuffs. Checking right now and it seems I haven't made any changes in 28 days. Last blog post 13 days ago. Search ranking at 15. Yeah I haven't been paying any attention to this recently. I probably wont be for a while. Next objective is still just linking the art page on the main page. Still working on the icon for it. Also I've considered restructuring the site to have a "other" page that contains the blog and settings pages. I'll talk more about that later if I decide to do it.

YouTube update! Have I ever had anything to say about my YouTube on here? Wait yes actually, and this is related. So I said a while back that I wanted to rename some of my videos, and if my memory serves me correct I finally did this a week or two ago. I'm probably gonna update some of the thumbnails too. In terms of what I'm making next on there, I still have plans of doing the behind the scenes videos of all my new animations. Again, not sure when any of that is going to happen. Other than that, nothing planned for the YouTube.

Future future stuff! I don't know why I did the exclamation marks this time. Its not really fitting. I just wanted to talk about what I would like to do next as a big boy project. I guess the last big boy project would have been the canceled Starcoin. I'm letting that project rest for now. It will see the light of day again, but for now I'd like to get more experimental. I see Starcoin working as a 10 minute movie, and I know that I'm not capable of that yet. So, I'm currently "working" on a concept for a new short. I can't give a lot away (because there isn't even much developed yet) but I want this to be my attempt at something more action flavored. If I make more progress on the concept, I'll post it here. So yeah, this is sort of the unofficial announcement of my next banger, Railcar Wrestle. That is the working title or codename that I would prefer not to say because this idea is still in super duper baby phase but I don't care anymore. If I cancel it, it can become obscure flare145 lore. Maybe I will just reference it all the time but never make it. Oh wait I guess that's what Starcoin is for now.

Oh boy well this was a juicy one I think. I was writing this in class as I typically do, but class is over now so I should stop now. Remember kids, if you have no time to do everything you want, just start multitasking. It totally wont lower the quality of your work or your relationships with other people. OH wait wait

Newgrounds Winter Festival! I'm sticking with the exclamation marks baby! So actually I was hyped for this because I thought it was going to happen during my break, but I looked it up after typing the last sentence and I was wrong. Its happening the day I start classes again. :( Well It was fun to be excited for a second there. I had been considering trying to do a panel for it but I guess that isn't going to happen now. I'm sure it will still be cool though and I'll try to experience it in any way I can.

Okay now this is really over. I have to say goodbye. You know I really like talking to the void. Its awesome. I am never adding a comment system to this because it would ruin the vibe. Anyways, if you read this whole thing you are messed up and should probably go touch grass. Until next time losers.


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