I'm probably going to quit


Hey, so this is gonna be a bit of a serious post. It's looking like I have to quit all of the flare145 stuff for a while. I know it's really abrupt. Sorry.

My school performance is really bad, and that's lowering my chances at getting grant money to even go to school in the first place. I'm going to have to work if I want to stay in school. This is going to take all of my time, so I have to stop all ongoing creative projects. This means weekly streams are over. Speed Render will be delayed indefinitely. My animation is delayed indefinitely. It's all going to come to a close.

I might still do a stream occasionally, but nothing like what I've been wanting to build up to. I also won't be gone forever. I'm hoping to come back to this stuff eventually. I just genuinely don't know how long that will be. All planned highlight videos are still going to happen. Thank MTD for doing all the work behind those. The only reason spore isn't done yet is because I haven't been holding up my end of the job. I will probably make blog posts when those come out, so that means that blog posts won't be dead. Actually, blog posts might be my only output for now. They help keep me sain so I'm not dropping them entirely. There will just be less posts now.

I'll make another post if I feel like I have more to clarify, but for now I just want to say some thank you's. First, I'd like to thank MTD again for giving my channel actual content. Not only does he edit all the highlights, but he's been to practically every live stream. Its great to have someone to talk to on such a small stream. Next I thank my brother for all of his programming help. He made Jukebot for me, but he also helped me with JavaScript problems on my website. I thank my family in general for being cool with my weird shenanigan's. Thank you Newgrounds for existing. All of my Newgrounds fans are what made animating worth it for me. I will be back someday because of them. Finally, thanks to anyone reading this who I have not mentioned. You might personally know me or you might be a fan I gained through a more obscure project. If you enjoy my work to any capacity, I thank you. Hell, even if you don't like my stuff, you cared enough to go to my website, so thank you.

Thank you
I'm happy to have found all of your support

I will be back. In some ways, I won't be gone. I kind of wish this could be my last blog post, but I know I'll make another one very soon. This is however, a temporary end to FLARE145. It has been a pleasure.


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