Infiltrating the Internet


Okay so remember the whole thing I was talking about last post? Well turns out the rabbit hole goes much much deeper.

I'm actually not going to go into detail about what I've discovered, but it has greatly changed my perspective on the internet. My plan to improve my searchability has reached a halt. I might get in to some light trouble if I continue doing what I was doing, so I'm going to stop for now. I'm still going to keep researching though. Trying to get a better understanding of the full picture. I know this whole thing reads strange and overdramatic, but I have no other words to convey what I'm talking about without being harmfully specific? Maybe I'm being too conscious by saying that it's information that could be harmful. I probably sound like an idiot to anyone who actually knows what's going on. You know what skrew it, I'm gonna tell you guys the whole story once I get to the bottom of this.

Also you might be wondering how I'm writing this post when I am supposedly busy with schoolwork... Moving on

Just kidding. Art projects are essentially halted at the moment but I get time here and there to mess around. It's not enough time for focused work on bigger projects, but its enough to at least develop some smaller ideas. I'll talk about one of these ideas soon because I think it might be important to the future of this whole internet infiltration thing. Yes I lied earlier, I'm still secretly trying to increase my searchability. The difference is that this method will be much slower. Anyways, this small idea isn't really art related or anything, its just boring. It sounds weird when I describe it like that but it will all make sense later.

Also today is twosday. 2/2/22. I thought I would mention that because yeah. Funny looking day is funny looking. I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Sorry to all future people who are reading this. Actually no, if you are from the future and reading this, you deserve this boredom. Get out of here and go live a life. Trust me, you aren't gaining much from reading the pretentious words of an ancient failure. Okay, now back to my people in the present. Hello thanks people from the present. Yall are cool for supporting me and stuff. Happy twosday to you.

Phew I just wrote way more than I expected to write today. Some of these get pretty long now. So long


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