It's nice being back


Yesterday was my first stream in a long time, and while it was pretty rough, I'm glad that I could do it again. I will be streaming a lot now that I have some free time. The plan right now is to knock out HL2 so I can get on with other things.

Also, I finally finished that one artwork from forever ago. I'm talking about the one I showed progress of in this blog post. I believe I started working on it back in early December, but the original drawing is even older. But yeah, here is the finished artwork if you want to check it out.

Something I forgot to mention in the last post is that I've been way more active on Twitter throughout my little break. I intend to keep posting doodles about as frequently as I have been. It's nice to be able to share little thingys instead of full finished pieces.

That's all the news for today. I'll make more posts as I figure out what the plan is with projects like Speed Render. Okay bye and be sure to catch the streams if you are interested.


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