Judgment Day


You're either stupid, or not.

In case that anyone reading this is unaware, today marks a significant moment in internet culture. In American notation, the date reads 9/10/21, a sequence of numbers that should seem familiar to anyone with an okay knowledge of memes. The 9+10=21 vine is being celebrated today for this reason.

It's interesting to see how events like this arise out of the dumbest of jokes. It's arguable whether the original vine is even funny, but its impact can't be ignored. I'm not sure if there will ever be another date that lines up with a meme as well as this.

I actually vaguely remember being at school and talking about how the date was 12/12/12. That was honestly cooler than this. Also ultimate pi day on 3/14/15. My teacher brought us pie that day. But yeah, human like when number have meaning.

I don't want to talk about anything else right now. I just wanted to acknowledge this moment because it will never happen again. Except for next month where the European date will be 9/10/21.


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