Laptop 2


Remember how one of the few things I've talked about here has been my difficulties with acquiring a laptop. Well, more specifically I was having issues with returning one. Fortunately, this story is over I think?

Today my new laptop came in. Bought it with the money I got from the other that was returned. It's not as good but its also cheaper. I'm typing on it right now and its pretty cool. The other one had almost no functioning ports, and so far, I can confirm that all of the usb ports work on this new one. Hopefully everything works properly, but I won't really know until tomorrow when I test it a bit more. Like I've said before, I'm excited for what this means in terms of my productivity.

Quickly going to mention some other stuff now.

My animation jam entry is probably canceled. I'll talk more about that later.

I lost my blogging streak. Big surprise.

My arms hurt very a lot. I've been working out again and I'm no where near as strong as I used to be. Kinda sad.

I streamed today and that was fun. I was just doing math homework but it was kind of a throwback to my earliest streams. Hopefully able to do more soon.

That's it for today. Gotta get back to laying down. The ceiling isn't gonna watch itself.


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