Last day of the year


Honestly kinda depressing how fast the year has gone by. Its crazy to think about projects I've worked on because so many of them are starting to seem like a good while ago. Trinket Trouble was already a whole year ago. I started my failed webcomic two years ago. Doesn't feel like that long. Though sometimes it does feel like forever ago so maybe it just depends on my mood.

Anyways I have cool news today. I finally linked the art page! I finished drawing the icon this morning. I think I'm going to tweak all of the icons a bit more because they're a little jank, but I'm still happy with how things look right now. I probably won't be working on the website much anymore. Like there is still a lot I'd want to do, but none of them are of priority to me. I guess the next big thing would be the projects page, but that seems like a lot of work. I'll talk about that more whenever I decide to make it.

I've been streaming a decent amount and its been fun. I beat Half-Life Blue Shift so now I can finally start Half-Life 2. I probably wont for a bit though. I'm thinking of playing through spore on stream soon. Stream stuff is fun but sometimes I wish I could do more stupid streams again. Stuff like when I just did my homework. I want to read a whole book on stream but I don't want to force anyone to watch that. Maybe I'll do that in secret. I have been thinking about what else might be entertaining to watch and I have a few ideas I'm going to try soon.

I've gotten a decent amount of work done on my next artwork. It's looking pretty cool, although I still won't be done with it for another while. I want it to look perfect, so I'm taking my time. I haven't been putting images often so here you go. An actual work in progress pic.

A man standing in a dark room, wearing a vr headset.
A low res render of my progress so far.

Moving on uhhhh, I forgot what else I was going to talk about. It's been an okay year for all of the creative endeavors and I hope to carry that through into 2022. See you all next year.


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