Learning the system


Okay back to business. I've been experimenting with what is known as the google knowledge graph. I'm going to make it so that google is aware of FLARE145 as an entity. Specifically a person. The point is that it might be possible for me to force google into creating one of those informational panels about me. I don't even care all that much about having one, but the idea of being able to do all of that by myself is what drives me.

At the moment, I have made the first steps towards achieving this goal, but there is still no sign of me existing on the knowledge graph. This gives me approximately three more days to figure out my next move, seeing as my site gets crawled around every three days. Google search results also take a bit to update properly, so the status of this whole operation might change even sooner. If I manage to pull this off, I'm going to be slightly more worried about the validity of information on the web. Also if I pull it off, I totally deserve that knowledge panel.

I gots to get a good nights rest now for school. See you in the next episode of FLARE145 Conquers the Internet!


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