I've been doing the school stuff. Much better start than last semester. I really screwed that up by trying to do so much at once. I hope that never happens again.

Anyways I've been up to quite a bit besides the school stuff. There's a new project I've been working on that I believe I mentioned last time. Its not anything like an animation. In fact its much lamer than an animation. Its been fun to work on though so hopefully I can finalize the details soon so that I can talk about it in depth.

All other projects are still temporarily dead. Trust me I will talk about them again as soon as I get to work on them again.

Lastly, take care of yourselves. I know its only February but this year has been kind of rough no? Maybe thats just me but I'm sure most of you could relate. Remember to treat yourself every once in a while.

See you next time where I'll be telling the story of the bomb sitting in the room next to me. I am kidding but only halfway. This story is wacky.


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