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I'm always juggling different projects and ideas, so its natural for most of these projects to die. Recently, I've been developing a cool idea, and it's looking like this one might actually become a reality. Assuming that I've designed a properly eye-catching logo, you have already learned the name of this project.

Speed Render
Logo not final

So what is Speed Render? Speed Render is a live show of sorts that I will be streaming on my twitch channel. The premise is that I have one hour to create a 3d render based on a prompt that I have never seen. If one hour is too long for your liking, each stream will also be turned into individual cut down episodes for my YouTube channel. They should end up becoming 5 to 10 minute videos, but I can't know for sure until all of this actually gets started. These videos are going to be treated as their own series separate from the live stream highlights.

Now I'm going to address expected questions about this, but it might get really long. Skip the rest of this paragraph if you aren't interested in this at all. So first, the plan is for this show to begin after I'm done playing Half-Life 2 on stream. If it takes longer for me to set up, then I will delay it until after I play the HL2 episodes. Now to clarify a bit more, these are streams that I'm treating more like a live show. I will also treat the resulting video series as a show. That said, the vibe of the streams, especially around the middle, will feel like a normal stream where I'm just working on something. So basically really chill vibes still, although with additional time pressure. I would love to be able to race people on the show, but that likely wouldn't happen for a long time. The rules have not yet been completely solidified, but I will explain them all in the first stream. Preparing for this show has taken quite a bit of work even though it seems like it should be simple. Most of my time working on this was spent on creating the prompt reveal system. Basically, I made an html page that reads a .txt file and displays it after a 10 second countdown. The same .txt file is read by obs so that the prompt can be shown on screen while I'm working. This means someone can provide me with the prompt, and I won't find out what it is until I reveal it on the show. Right now, I'm working on a short musical theme to add to the energy of the prompt reveal. After I'm happy enough with the music, I might make the logo slightly animated just for fun. I want the speed lines to sort of move back and forth a bit. I also have to finalize the obs layout and make the one hour timer, but I think I will be done after that. I'm really excited for this, but if the pilot episode has too many technical issues, I will have to reevaluate the future of this series.

With all that out of the way, I'll get into some quick news. I was super busy last week, but this week looks like it will be the complete opposite. There might even be multiple streams. I'm also hoping to fix a couple things on the website while I have time. I get the feeling there might do an extra blog post this week too, so I'll see you then. Bye for now and have a happy Spring!


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