Organizational stuffs


Not much to talk about because not much is going on, but I have done a little bit to get more organized. I've put together some more spreadsheets for myself that outline the current state of my ongoing projects. I'm hoping that this could increase my productivity in that space, but I'm obviously still limited by school.

It's about time for another quick little website stats update. Search ranking has been floating between 6 and 3, which is good. I think the reason it hasn't been dropping under 6 anymore is that the website has been indexed for over half a year now. This weights it as more trustworthy because its becoming older and more established. The website itself is probably not getting any major changes soon, except the news bar thingy that is now live on experimental mode.

Oh hey actually wait here's something kinda cool. Youtube update! I'm gonna make a separate channel to upload full stream vods to. This is mostly just for archiving purposes, so I probably won't ever bring it up anywhere else.

Okay that's everything for now. Enjoy the next 12 hours.


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