Sad before the storm


I'll start by going over some quick website news. I've optimized the art page by using heavily compressed image previews instead of loading the all of the full images at once. The downside is that the pop up images load in slower. It was worth it though because performance was bad on mobile usually. It's still not perfect but its much less noticeable now.

You know I was about to go onto the next thing but no, this website thing is actually kind of interesting so here's some numbers you might not understand. Time to interactive went from 5.1 seconds to 1.7 seconds. The largest image previously loaded at 29.8 seconds but now loads at 1.4 seconds. The total size of the images hosted on that page went from 19.7 MB to 46.7 KB. Massive gains.

Yeah uhhhh I didn't really have anything else to talk about actually. Well except for the fact that I will be less active again because of school and other stuff. This moment feels very Sunday to me. Sunday is the saddest day because its followed by Monday. I'm sure that makes sense. But yeah less of everything from now on. I wish I could have made better use of my free time but oh well. I guess I wasn't up for the grind this time.

Oh I just remembered something. I am considering doing a strictly weekly stream though. I will have to play out a few weeks of school to figure out when would be best, but if I don't end up working this semester than I might do that. I liked that I was doing most of my streams recently at a consistent time so expanding that out into specific days could work. Of course there will be days where I just don't feel like it, and I wouldn't stream in that case. I thought it was nice to be streaming so often this past month, so this idea is the best I could come up with to keep that feeling alive.

Do not stay tuned because I will probably disappear but who knows. If my life can turn to garbage in the blink of an eye, than surely it can get better just as fast. Take care


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