The long post


This is the post I've been afraid of. The large one. The big boy. The chungus I dare say. I've been trying to keep these nice and short, but I won't today. Mostly because I have to copy and paste in that comment I mentioned before, but also because I guess I got some FLARE145 related updates. Don't question the all caps, I just do that.

First up on the list, my weird common core YouTube comment. I mentioned this in the last blog post, and I'm going to try to give more context. I won't post a link to the video because I don't want to deal with it breaking or anything. The video was fairly new, and I think you could find it with the right amount of internet sleuthing. Anyways, I had no problems with what was said in the video. It was a really nice recap of the story of how U.S. education changed in response to students scoring lower than those in other nations. I'm not sure why I decided to comment. I guess I just find the topic interesting. It got a whopping eight likes so people must really like hearing my thoughts. Man sometimes I type stuff and realize why tone indicators exist. Here is the comment in full:

"I believe I was in fourth grade when I first started encountering common core. At the time, I didn't understand the controversy behind it. I was being told that my education was going to become more difficult for no good reason, and I believed it. I hated going to school because I was told that it had gotten worse. I'm now a high school graduate, and I have a better understanding of what actually happened. In retrospect, I think that I genuinely benefited a lot from common core. My parents never had the opportunity to go through proper education, so they were never going to be able to help me with my homework anyways. My siblings and I were already used to this, so the new curriculum didn't make that into a problem for me. Most of the stuff that people pointed out as nonsense useless explanations were really there to teach effective ways of thinking. I feel like I learned how to learn in a way that is much different than brute force memorization. It was also really interesting to see the push towards classroom collaboration. Especially in math, we worked in groups so often that it helped us to understand how to work with others and build off of each others ideas. The world could use a lot more of this collaborative attitude. I think its funny when people complain about how the American school system is an outdated relic from the industrial revolution, and then simultaneously complain about how common core is too different from the old ways of teaching. Common core was literally the evolution of teaching that people were asking for. Its a shame that it became such a controversial political issue. It tainted my experience at the time, and I wish I could have gone through school without anyone telling me that the government was working against me. Still, I'm glad that I actually learned at school instead of learning to memorize."

Man I just pasted that in and I do not want to read that. Well, onto whatever is next.

Thank you me. Next up is the story of my battle with google search. I want this site to appear when you search flare145 into google, but it never shows up on the first page of search results. I ended up registering my website in google's web optimization tools and it seemed like one of the problems was my lack of mobile compatibility. I had already tested mobile support and it worked fine, but I guess I didn't do it the proper way. I've since made more changes that fixed this, which actually lowered my google search ranking. I think this is because I removed a footer that said something like "flare 145 flare145 FLARE145." This was to increase searchability, and I think it worked? I had to get rid of it because the google optimization stuff said that the page had unreadable text, which was true. I made the footer impossible to actually see so that it just acted as tags. I have meta tags set up too, but they don't seem to work as well. I think removing the footer is what made my ranking go down, so now I'm going to correct it by saying FLARE145 once in a while. I've now done it five times in this post, so I think I'm doing pretty well.

I also want to mention again that more stuff is supposed to be on the website. It just won't be for a while. My hope is that the blog page becomes the most boring part of the site, but until then, little style changes will probably keep occurring. This page especially looks a bit different, and no I will not describe it to future proof this post. You just had to be there to see it.

And now back to vanity. Or maybe not vanity but... I don't actually know. More me centered stuff I guess. Maybe I would call this the boring part but I'm not sure the rest of the post was interesting enough for me to make that distinction. Anyways, I'm talking about the laptop again. This has obviously been a fan favorite topic that even captures the attention of the dead. I hopefully will be bringing it up less often now because I finally dropped it off to get shipped yesterday. That is all.

Well, this has been a long post. I'm actually typing this into google docs instead of directly into the html file like I usually do. Wow I've probably mentioned google more than FLARE145 now. Haha managed to sneak in two more flare145s. Anyways, I think posts should remain short for three reasons. First, this giant block of text looks too daunting to read, and while I don't care if people read it or not, it bugs me that even I would never want to read this. Second, this is going to look really weird in the html for me. And third, idk i forgor :|


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