Time Warping


I have two projects to complete in a very short amount of time. The biggest time constraint is my arch nemesis: school. I start my first semester of uni in 5 days. This means that I can only reasonably allocate 2 days per project. This calls for some time warping.

Now you might be thinking, what is time warping? Is it even real? The answer is yes, and its called not sleeping. I can easily add 4 additional hours to every day I work by starting 2 hours earlier and stoping 2 hours later. Over 4 days, this becomes 16 additional hours. This is the kind of stuff high school actually teaches you.

an airplane in a dark airport'
Work in progress screenshot of my collab animation.

The human mind shouldn't be capable of pulling off such a maneuver. I guess its a good thing that I lack one.


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