Too cool for school


Okay I'm actually not too cool for school but I needed a title. This post is just going to be a general update. We'll start with the most relevant stuff and go from there.

I have now surpassed 100 followers on Newgrounds! In celebration of this, I will be smiling today at 1:30 p.m. pst.

Also Newgrounds related, there is only one round left in the Summer Animation Jams. I think it starts tomorrow so hopefully I can get all of my homework done today.

Happy one month anniversary to the website, although I'm almost a week late on saying that. I haven't been posting as much because life has been a bit busy, and I think its reasonable to assume that this will continue. I'm trying to learn a bit of python to write a simple program that should make blog posts easier to make. It will mostly just serve as an excuse for me to learn python, kind of like how _______________ was an excuse for me to learn html + css.

And thats it for today. Gonna do some homework now.


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