TWOSDAY part two


Oh my god its real. It's a real Twosday miracle! Two blog posts in one day! Double posts are not supposed to be scientifically possible. It has never happened and will likely never happen again. I'm in shock. So this is the true power of Twosday spirit.

So I talked about my musical experiment last week, and today you can listen to it. Just click the following text: I revoke ownership of my soul to check it out. That link might break someday and I will be too lazy to fix it. It should work for a long time though.

Now what do I fill this second post with. Oh, the winter Olympics ended. I have no purpose now... Just kidding, only two more years until Paris 2024 baby!

Another interesting fact about today is that it has now been a whole year since Daft Punk disbanded. It seems like there's rumors of a comeback but I don't care enough to pay attention to that stuff. I'd be perfectly content if they never came back, but it would still be awesome if they did return. That little video they did last year hit really hard, so I feel like their return might undermine some of that significance. Gonna go rewatch it after this so I can cry.

That's all for this twice in a lifetime event. I hope you have a great rest of your Twosday.


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