What no creative outlet does to a mf


Hi. It has been 46 days since the last post. I think. I can't count very well anymore. Anyways, I'm back sort of. I say sort of because I never left completely. Let's go over everything I've been up to.

I paused all projects indefinitely except for the website. This website has undergone a lot of changes and I'm going to acknowledge them all because that's what I've done in the past. The main page now includes a short about section. The news bar thingy is back. Experimental mode bugs were fixed. I added individual art info pages for each of my artworks. I added one new artwork. Blog posts now have individual pages. The main blog page has undergone some style changes. Each post now has a share button, which just copies the url to the individual post. The top of the page has new labels depending on which page you are on. Schema was updated so that pages know where they are in relation to other pages. Added custom scrollbar. Began experimenting with ads on experimental mode. Okay I think that's everything.

That list of things probably reads really weird but I'm not gonna bother cleaning it up. Now you might be thinking that I did a lot of work. Or maybe you're thinking I didn't do much work at all idk. The point is that I broke my vow to leave this stuff. It took about 12 days for me to fall back into it. I craved it. I craved to work on something outside of my boring real life. I was going through artist withdrawals. Very unhappy. So here I am. I'm back I think. I doubt I'll be creating as much as I could before, but I'm going to consider myself officially back in business. If I ever need another break from this stuff, I hopefully won't make such a big deal over it. Maybe I'll just disappear with no acknowledgement.

So lets talk plans. Streams. They will be back. I do not know in what form or how often, but they will be back. Very soon. Within a week I hope. Artwork. Expect more of it. Animation. Actually don't expect more animation any time soon. I'd like to get around to it but I doubt I'll have the time. Finally, blog posts. They are probably going to stay infrequent, but longer. I might even do some more informational/educational stuff instead of just talking about my life. Speaking of...

My life has been kind of sucky lately, but I've come to terms with my failures. The short and somewhat misleading explanation is that I've basically failed out of school. It's more complicated than that but I won't bother trying to explain. I finish this semester in about a week, and after that I will just be working hopefully. My free time will depend on how many hours I end up working. Okay, I'm done with the personal stuff for now.

So I'm back. I still have a lot of random stuff to mention, but I'll save it for future posts. Stay tuned for updates on when I'll be streaming again. Thank you for sticking around. I hope you enjoy the return of FLARE145.


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