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VR Ninja


1920 x 1400


This is basically a stylistic continuation of my 2d in 3d series. This piece is born from a drawing I did back in October 2021, when Facebook doubled-down on it's vr development. I'd like to quickly point out that this is no celebration of what Meta is doing, I just had vr on the mind and it served as inspiration for this.

WIP image
The orginal drawing of the "vr ninja."

This time around, I didn't place the drawing in blender to render it with the environment. I just comped it in after, which is not what I have typically done in the past. I did this so that I could have more control over the lighting of the character, rather than trying to get the realistic lighting of rendering it in 3d.

WIP image
2d rendering process

Even though the drawing wasn't rendered in the blender scene, I did place one in there just to cast shadows.

WIP image
A different angle from the blender viewport.

Finally, just for fun, Here's a look at the backround and foreground layers isolated.

WIP image
Background layer isolated.
WIP image
Foreground layer isolated.

It felt great when all the pieces were put together. I had to copy chunks of the carpet and sneakily place them at the bottom of the characters feet in order to make it look like they were really standing there. That was unreasonably fun to do. Anyways, I will probably never go as in depth as this again for future artwork. I just had all this images conveinietly available so I thought why not share the results of my effort.

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